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Phone (508) 430-2020

Winter Moth Caterpillar Control | Cape Cod, MA

Controlling Winter Moth Caterpillars on your property.

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Any property that has deciduous trees such as – oak, maple, cherries, birch, beach, and ash may want to think about having a Winter Moth Caterpillar treatment performed at the property. The winter moth caterpillars are small and green resembling inchworms, and typically can be seen hanging from a long strand of webbing. The caterpillars emerge in the spring time from the leaf buds on your trees when the leaves begin to open up. They will then begin to devour the leaf and leave unwanted droppings on your car/deck/house, while also causing significant damage to the tree itself. The treatment we use is safe for pets, children, birds and is rated for use on organic crops. We apply this treatment at roughly the same time as the winter moth caterpillars begin to emerge. When left untreated, the caterpillars once finished eating will make a cocoon and emerge as the moth’s that you see flying around in the Fall and Winter laying eggs for the caterpillars that emerge the next spring.

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