Phone (508) 430-2020
Phone (508) 430-2020

Fertilization Service | Cape Cod, MA

McNamara Bros Inc. employs licensed and certified Applicators. They are well educated regarding the care of lawns, shrubs and trees. Our specialists are trained to recognize and resolve problems in a safe and effective manner.

Fertilizing & Pest Control Bozutto

LAWN FERTILIZATION:  7 step application program including grub control

Spring Lawn Application (Fertilizer & Crabgrass Control)

Early Summer Lawn Application & Grub (Fertilizer, Broadleaf Control and Surface Insect Control)

Summer Lawn Application (Fertilizer, Broadleaf Control and Surface Insect Control)

Early Fall Lawn Application (Fertilizer and Broadleaf Control as needed)

Late Fall Lawn Application & Lime (Fertilizer and Lime)

Lawn Diseases

Red Thread

Dollar Spot

Pink Snow Mold



Tree & Shrub Fertilization 

Winter Moth Prevention

Gypsy Moth Prevention

Horticultural Oil (Insect Control)

Winter Protection

If you have any questions about any other service please contact us