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Cape Cod Hydroseeding Company – New Lawn Installation Contractors

McNamara Bros., Inc. hydroseeds hundreds of residential lawns each season. We also have commercial applications:
  • Erosion control
  • Landfill closures
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Athletic fields
  • Golf courses
  • Solar Fields
  • Condo Complexes

We have a variety of related equipment and attachments including Harley rakes, Brillion seeders and straw blowers that allow us to meet the demands of any conditions. We highly recommend hydroseeding for its fast germination, long term durability and cost effectiveness.

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Hydroseeding is a fast, cost effective way to have a new lawn at a ¼ of the cost of sod.

The protective hydro mulch covering has an attractive green appearance and aids in keeping the seeds moist and protected from birds, insects and the elements. There are different types of seed that can be used depending on conditions and requirements of the property, i.e. sun, shade, terrain, etc.

Germination time depends upon the weather, the time of year, watering schedule and some other factors. Usually you may be able to see grass sprouting within 5 – 7 days. If the weather is too cold or too hot this may affect germination time. The best times of year to hydroseed are spring and early fall as this affords optimum growing conditions. Hydroseeding during July and August is challenging at best as watering requirements are much more demanding. Every lawn, regardless of whether there is an in ground irrigation system or above ground sprinklers, require a minimum of 1″ of water per week. Best germination rates are achieved when an in ground system is in place.

Also included in the hydroseed mix is an initial application of a starter fertilizer. We do recommend an additional application of a starter fertilizer 3 – 4 weeks after the hydroseed is installed. At that point a professional lawn care company should continue with the regular fertilizer applications. Unfortunately, no matter how clean the loam you use, weeds will arrive. We recommend no weed or crabgrass preventative be applied during the first year as this could kill the new grass.


DO NOT water the same day that your lawn has been hydroseeded. Starting the day after hydroseeding, you should lightly water your lawn twice (preferably three times) each day. Early morning and mid afternoon are the best times. Hand watering will not be effective; you will need a sprinkler. Your objective is to keep the area damp without puddling. After germination, approximately three weeks – you should reduce the watering to once in the morning every day, but all lawns should receive at least 1” of water each week.
When you set up your sprinklers and hoses, try to put them in areas which provide maximum coverage with minimum movement. Children, pets, bike riders, and general walking will result in a poorer germination rate.
No matter how clean the loam you use, weeds will arrive, especially in the spring. DO NOT put down any type of weed or crabgrass preventative; if applied, these will kill the new grass. Crabgrass will die out by itself in late summer. During the second year, pre-emergent crabgrass and weed preventative can be used safely.
Starter fertilizer is high in phosphorous, which helps to promote root growth necessary for all new lawns. There is a starter fertilizer included in your initial hydroseeding. After approximately three weeks, your new lawn will be fully germinated and should be given a second application of starter fertilizer. Fertilize regularly, preferably 3 to 5 times per year. Please call a professional lawn care company for this service.
A simple rule to follow: If the lawn needs to be cut, cut it. DO NOT wait until the whole lawn is 6” high to cut it, or the new grass (and the old grass also) will experience shock. Cut the lawn at its normal height; from that point on, continue normal maintenance – mowing, watering, fertilizing and liming – this will dictate the quality of your lawn.
6. NOTE:
HYDROSEED IS NOT SOD; it will need time to develop. Some areas will appear fuller than others, but the thin areas will fill in within the first year with continuous proper care.

McNamara Bros., Inc. guarantees 80-90% germination within 6 months if the following criteria are met:
1. There is a minimum of 4” of loam on the seeded area.
2. The area is covered by an automatic sprinkler system
3. The area has been regularly treated by a professional lawn care service
If the above 3 conditions are met, McNamara will guarantee this germination rate except due to:
A. Acts of nature, namely heavy rains or storms which may erode the area.
B. Mismanagement of the sprinkler system including but not limited to:
 Overwatering
 Underwatering
 Watering overnight which could lead to harmful fungus