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Lawn Care | Cape Cod, MA

To have a nice healthy looking lawn, there are some basic services that should be performed.

A good heavy raking in the spring will help to remove thatch or dead grass build up. This will allow your lawn to take in more air, water and sunlight.

Aeration helps to improve the soil.

It loosens the dirt and circulates it by adding a new a layer of top soil if you don’t rake up the plugs. This allows increased air and water infiltration into the root zone allowing the roots to grow deeper and thicker. It also helps to eliminate thatch. Thatch grows along the surface when roots cannot penetrate the soil if it is compacted and they grow sideways.
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A lawn fertilization program is also very important.

This will assist the natural soil processes when they do not supply adequate essential elements to maintain optimum growth. The purpose is to add the necessary nutrients in required amounts at the appropriate times. This program also includes a crabgrass and grub preventative, insect and weed control, and lime at the appropriate times of the year.
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Watering is a very important step as well.

Most lawns should receive about 1” of water per week. It is best to water in the early morning. In the middle of the day water evaporates too quickly. In the evening water can cling to the blades of grass overnight which can cause lawn diseases as the water sits and can cause fungus. Water long enough to moisten the soil down about 6”.
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Finally, lawn mowing is an important part of cultivating a healthy lawn.

Mowing frequency depends upon how fast the lawn is growing. There are many factors that determine growth frequency. The shorter the root system, the more frequently it will need to be watered and fertilized.
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