Mulch Service

Hemlock Mulch
Black Mulch
Pine Mulch

Mulching planting beds is both functional and decorative.

It aids in moisture retention and acts as a weed barrier. It also helps to protect a plant’s root system. Mulch can be installed at any time of the year since it is a dual service product.

Since bark mulch is a natural product recycled from the bark of certain types of trees, it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

There are different types of mulch, pine, hemlock, black, red etc. it all depends on your preference.

One thing to keep in mind is that if applied annually, you may only need a top dressing to make the mulch look beautiful again.

For an added level of weed prevention, it may be a benefit to some to have us apply a weed pre-emergent to the mulch beds either prior to mulch installation or very shortly thereafter.

This helps to prevent weeds from coming up through the mulch longer. We can also provide this service with one of our licensed pesticide applications.

We can install shells, pea stone, gravel etc. please inquire.